Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

December 28, 2022
Does Burger King Take Apple Pay

When it comes to mobile payments, does Burger King take Apple Pay? This fast food chain has gone against the trend, opting not to accept Apple Pay. However, it does offer other payment options that consumers can use.

If you are looking to purchase a meal at Burger King, you can choose to pay using credit card, debit card, or a digital payment service like PayPal or Venmo. The company also offers gift cards. These are not compatible with Apple Pay, though.

To make a payment with Apple Pay, you need to have the Apple device, a passcode, and a passcode authentication feature (Face ID). You should also carry your cards with you.

There are some exceptions, however. For example, if you order in-store, the employee will be able to process your payment through the app. It may also be possible to pay at a drive-thru window if the restaurant accepts the method.

Although the restaurant does not officially take Apple Pay, it is likely to do so in the future. The fast food chain is in discussions with Apple about bringing the payment method to stores.

One option for making a purchase at a Burger King restaurant is to download the Burger King app. This allows customers to make purchases and browse the menu. Aside from allowing you to purchase a meal, the Burger King app will also provide you with exclusive deals and discounts at the restaurant.

In addition to these apps, you can also make in-store and drive-through purchases with DoorDash and GrubHub.


Currently, Burger King does not accept Apple Pay. The company previously refused to take this payment method due to high fees. However, it has begun a conversation with Apple regarding bringing Apple Pay to its stores.

The Burger King app offers many features, including a section for coupons and discounts. Users can also add a digital gift card to their account. Customers can also browse the menu, get exclusive offers, and view the nutrition of the food.

Credit card

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay

Currently, Burger King doesn’t take Apple Pay. However, in the future, it may.

The app will enable users to browse the menu and receive exclusive offers at Burger King restaurants. Users can add a virtual card to the app and reload funds from their phone. In addition, the app will offer a free recipe section, discounts, coupons, and more.

Debit card

Whether you are ordering a meal in person or ordering online, you can use Apple Pay to get what you want. It’s faster and more secure than a physical card and works at most stores.

Another option is the Cash App. It’s easy to set up, and works at many stores. Lastly, you can use the Apple Watch to make purchases. You need to first set up Apple Pay on your phone.

If you are looking for a fast food restaurant that accepts Apple Pay, you may be disappointed to learn that Burger King doesn’t. However, the restaurant has a number of other payment options. The company offers both credit cards and debit cards. You can also use a digital gift card. This is an inexpensive way to get a meal. You can buy a Burger King gift card at the restaurant or on the internet.

Delivery drivers

Whether you are looking to place an order online or through the Burger King app, you should know that Apple Pay is no longer an option for in-store delivery. The fast food restaurant chain decided to drop their agreement with Apple Pay in order to focus on their partnership with PayPal. Thankfully, there are other payment options available to you.

Unlike Apple Pay, PayPal is not accepted at all Burger King locations. However, you can use it to pay for your Burger King orders when you visit the counter. This is because the company has a separate payment option called Venmo, which is a subsidiary of PayPal.

In addition to using PayPal, you can also make payments using your credit or debit card. If you prefer to pay by cash, you can use the Burger King cash-on-delivery service.

Why it’s a better option than Apple Pay

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay

Until recently, Burger King accepted Apple Pay as a payment option at its locations. Although it is no longer the case, the company has partnered with PayPal, the oldest digital payment method.

As part of the agreement, Burger King customers can make use of PayPal’s services to pay for their orders at the counter. Additionally, the company has created a mobile application that will be available later this quarter. This app will provide users with exclusive offers at Burger King restaurants. It will also offer a section that allows users to see the nutritional information of the food they order.

The company also provides users with the opportunity to earn Crowns, which add up to free meals. In addition, users can add virtual cards, such as BK Crown Card, a digital gift card, to their account.

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